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Why people seek counselling

Some people come to counselling knowing that they have specific issues they want to talk about and resolve. Others may be aware that although they function well most of the time, they have unexplained anxiety, negative or troubling thoughts, physical sensations or other problems that keep recurring however much they try to brush them aside. Most clients seek counselling because they want to talk to someone, in confidence, who is independent of family members, friends or colleagues.

During the counselling process I will ...

  • invite you to talk about what is currently troubling you
  • accept you as you are, without judgement, as you talk about your thoughts and feelings
  • listen carefully and check out that I have really understood the meaning of your words
  • offer you openly and respectfully any insights or connections I may make
  • support you to draw on your own resources to find your way forward
  • trust you to know when the time is right to end the counselling

  • Confidentiality

    Nothing discussed within a counselling session will be disclosed to a third party without the client's consent. However, in certain circumstances I have a legal requirement to breach confidentiality. If this situation arose, I would initially try to get my client's consent to disclose information, and only as a last resort, and in consultation with my supervisor and/or BACP, would I breach confidentiality. I do not keep computerised records and any written information I hold about clients is kept in a locked filing cabinet in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984. I am also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

    Introductory Session

    Since counselling takes commitment and a sense of mutual trust between client and counsellor, I offer a half-hour introductory session free of charge during which we can explore why you have decided to come for counselling at this time and what your hopes and expectations are. I will also respond to any questions or reservations you may have. Thereafter you can decide in your own time whether you feel comfortable about starting to work with me.


    As a supervisor I want to meet the individual needs of my supervisees in a person-centred way. In any one session I aim to provide a safe space in which there are possibilities to support, mentor, teach, affirm, challenge, facilitate reflection as well as raising and exploring any ethical issues.

    Where distance or personal circumstances preclude face-to-face supervision, I am happy to set up a temporary telephone counselling contract.

    I am not currently taking on long-term supervisees but am very happy to fill a 'supervision gap' if, for whatever reason, you are looking for short-term/temporary supervision

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